SIRIUS Project
A Project within the RTD Program of the PRIMUS Center
TETRAD Institute of Complex System Dynamics

The Sirius Project is focused upon the investigation of theoretical and applied physics for propulsion and travel by a defined physical object through a wormhole or set of wormhole-like avenues that can lead from one spacetime region in the physical universe to another, in a manner that obviates the classical constraints of propulsion at or below the speed of light. This is a very "radical" theoretical linbe of study. It is closely linked with the Cygnus Project, also conducted within the RTD Progrm under the auspices of the Institute's Primus Center.

The basis of the Sirius Project logic is in theoretical understanding of the unverse as a 4-dimensional Space, with Time as a linesar measure of sequence. All is consistent with present understanding of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics and Astrophysics. There is similarity with prior studies by many in the field over the past century.

The fundamental difference is in an approach, still in very early stages, for designing a model, and the requisite mathematics and computation, that can show how a physical object such as a spaceship can maintain its integrity as a 3-D object, moving through a still-to-be-determined portal that enables virtually "no-space, no-time" transition and relocation from one 3-D (or 3-D + T) location, to another, without disruption of its integrity, and without the massive amounts of mass and kinetic energy that have been speculatively suggested for other wormhole-type travel. It is best introduced through some papers, both published and unpublished. We are now revising this and other website pages of the Institute and request your patience - alternatively, your direct contact and inquiry will be welcome.

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